Our brand Moshe Sakpase is beyond fashion, it represents inclusivity for black clothing designers and minority groups to wear apparel made by individuals that look like them. The designer Daryl was born in Haiti and now resides here in the U.S.

— a true immigrant's dream to fuse cultures. 

The name behind the brand and its logo was inspired by the Haitian heroine Victoria Montou, who was instrumental in the Haitian revolution demonstrating courage, strength and leadership. Versace clothing has the logo of Medusa, we have Victoria Montou, a female freedom fighter whose legacy is embedded in the liberty of black nations. With this streetwear brand, we want to represent the bravery and beauty of her strong character. The variety of clothes in our catalog brand showcases her gestures filled with strength and mindfulness.  

The designer's hope is that his luxury streetwear line will encourage the younger generation to dream big and through Victoria’s legacy understanding that they are free to choose the life that they desire, giving them pride as they wear his iconic apparel. The pieces are mostly unisex shot in Paris by the Eifel Tower the symbol of liberation.  

The clothing line is a representation of triumph in a time where black clothing designers are starting to be recognized in high end fashion. Victoria Montou has compelled this designer to start his brand with her image because of everything she represents and become a disruptor in the fashion world. Buy black is more than a trend, it's a phenomenon. Join the movement and express your fierceness and courage with the purchase of a Moshe Sakpase clothing item.  

The pieces of this luxury high end streetwear brand are all stitched in Italy, sourced from the richest material and are made using state of the art equipment.